My Best Friend Was The Hoby Sponsor For My High School Essay

My Best Friend Was The Hoby Sponsor For My High School Essay

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Its so easy to assume something about a place or a person you don’t know by listening to stories, reading books, and even watching TV. Stereotypes are hard to break and not always true. They can be true to an extent but they are rarely completely accurate to what others say. I have always struggled to not stereotype people but it’s a hard task because we of the media we have and they way everyone around us judges people and places. This is something that I truly experienced when I traveled to China. My best friend was the HOBY sponsor for my high school. Junior year she told me about this trip to China for a youth global conference happening in the spring, she told me that you don’t have to be a member of HOBY to attend this trip. I was so excited, I did an endless supply of research on the conference and what HOBY really is. I talked to the HOBY leaders for the trip and they said if I was interested in going I would become a member of HOBY as well. I was ecstatic that I could go to China, I love exploring and experiencing new cultures; I was also really excited for this conference. China has been a dream of mine to visit after learning about its history and cultural differences in tenth grade comparative world studies class. Before going on this trip many people told me stereotypes of China and the Chinese people. I was skeptical to believe them, but once enough people told me I was falling into the trap. Traveling to China really taught me how the single story of a place and the people there is not accurate, my assumptions and expectations were challenged. Leaving me feeling like I should have known better than to travel having all these stereotypes both positive and negative in my head.
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...The food was my main concern about going to China because I’m a picky eater to begin with. But overall, I found things that I liked and was able to eat, causing the stereotypes about food in China to be completely different from what I experienced.
Traveling to China and realizing that stereotypes are not always true but are giving people and places bad reputations. I was not expecting to have the wonderful experience in China but I did. China is so different from home but I can still see similarities. Coming from a huge Irish family in Pennsylvania, you would never expect to connect with people from China, but that’s exactly what happened for me. I learned so much and I would love to go back to China and visit the friends I made. The most important thing that I learned from this experience is to not judge and believe stereotypes when your only know the single story.

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