My Best Friend Of 2 Years Essay

My Best Friend Of 2 Years Essay

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For my dialectic entry I found myself going back and forth on what area I felt that I wanted to get a better understanding for. Then, it occurred to me that an area that I knew about but never bothered to really understand was one from the perspective of a gay individual. My best friend of 2 years is a 26 year old lesbian residing in Fort Worth, Texas. I spent plenty of time with this individual, whether it is out at the bar or just hanging out, she has always been there for me. We have had a multitude of conversations, but I have never really tried to understand the what it was like for her to be a lesbian or how it might have been for her growing up and having to explain this to her parents. I felt that of all my time knowing her I had overlooked this area and never really thought how this area of difference between us could compare or be different.
When I thought about the LGBT community, I knew that they had to face a problem that I was unfamiliar with. I have always been around people who identified themselves as either gay or lesbian since a younger age, since my first job in which I worked with two gay males. I never saw them as different and treated them as just another normal person. To me it has always been important to respect people regardless of how they identify themselves and it is their life and they are allowed to do whatever makes them happy. One thing I never thought about thought, was to what extent that these individuals were subjected to not only in their normal lives, but their at home lives with immediate family members. I have multiple friends who identify themselves as lesbian or gay, but I have never bothered to truly understand this area of difference between them and I. I came to this realization aft...

... middle of paper ... any normal club, if anything it was actually more alive and fun than some of the clubs I have been to in my life. Everyone seemed a bit more friendly and open to random conversations and it was a great time. In my head, I came to the conclusion how all these people shared something more than just their love for loud music, dancing, and colorful alcohol. Everyone in the club that night were all part of a community that believed in pursuing their individual happiness, even if it subjected them to hate or confrontation from strangers or loved ones. To me, it was something so vital and shed so much light on the LGBT community itself and why they endured the things they did and fought the battles they did. It was not just a fight for themselves, but for everyone that just wants to have the freedom to do what makes them happy without being ridiculed for their choices.

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