My Best Friend Makayla Is The Oldest Of Three Children Essay

My Best Friend Makayla Is The Oldest Of Three Children Essay

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My best friend Makayla is the oldest of three children. She was the first, the one who made her mom a mother. When she would cry, mom would be there. When friends would fall away or hurt words would be spoken, mom would be there to discuss every aspect of the problem. So in the way of responsiveness, her mom was on top. However, this was not always what Makayla would have wanted. When she would be hurting, Makayla’s mom would come and try and help, talk it through and maybe go shopping to make it all feel better, when really all Makayla wanted to do was be alone for a while. She was always allowed to express her opinion, but when she confronted her mother, and asked to be left alone, she would take it as a personal offence. She could not understand why Makayla would not want to talk to her, why her efforts to make it all better were not meeting her needs. So in the way of warmth, there seemed a lack. While she was always quick to intervene, her presence shone a less than patient, less than understanding light on the situation. These reactions varied though, if she was upset for a re...

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