My Best Friend Ever Since Fifth Grade Essay

My Best Friend Ever Since Fifth Grade Essay

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I have been friends with my best friend ever since third grade. She helped me cheat on a spelling test and we got caught. We became inseparable best friends through our punishment of writing “I will not cheat” on the blackboard one hundred times each. Since then, she’s been my rock and likewise. We have always been there for one another when one of us needed someone.
One day in the sixth grade, she showed up on my doorstep with heartbreak written all over her face. She burst into tears and told me her “world was falling apart.” I realized the situation was much more dire than getting into a fight with one of her siblings. Her parents were getting a divorce. At the time, I didn 't fully understand what she was telling me or why she was so upset over this, that is until the very thing happened to my family.
After the conversation with my best friend, she went home to her now, broken family. I begged my dad to make a promise to me, “Promise me that you and mom will never get a divorce.” Reluctantly, he reassured me that he and my mom wouldn’t split up, ever. Looking back, ...

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