My Best Friend : A Blessing And A Curse Essay

My Best Friend : A Blessing And A Curse Essay

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My Best Friends
Being raised by my great grandparents was truly a blessing and a curse.
In elementary school, I struggled with family issues that ended up with me and my older sister
to live with our great grandparents. They were the epitome of role models. I always looked forward to coming home to them and helping them out with their cute daily activities that they had planned for that day. Gus, my great grandfather, was retired by the time I lived with him and had a part-time job at the local market as a gardener. My sister and I loved tagging along with him to help out. We got to water the plants and play with the dog that the owner always brought with him, and in return for our hard work, we were paid in candy.
With my great grandparents so high in age, it was not always the same walking into the classrooms with them while everyone else brought their parents who were much younger looking. I never felt embarrassed because I was too young to care, and they always did their best efforts to support me in any way. Even if it meant that they had to come watch eight year olds show off their terribly drawn self portraits. When they could have invested all of their retirement money into a luxurious Puerto Rico condo. It was the love and positive energy that made me feel like I was always welcome every single day.
My great grandmother Rosa was my go to woman. When I was first introduced to her I did not understand why I was being forced to stay with a different mother figure. My dad was not really around so it didn’t bother me that much that my great grandfather was in the picture. But when it came across someone trying to take the place as my mom, I got protective and shut Rosa out and became shy and difficult to be around. Over time ...

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...ather who had no idea that his wife had just passed away. A couple weeks after that my great grandfather peacefully passed away in his sleep, in his own bed.
I got to spend my great grandfather’s last moments alone with him in the hospital, and in the nursing home. I didn’t want to keep the distance between us going because I had no one else to be comforted by, and I knew he could do it. I spent hours with him in the hospital when I didn’t have lacrosse practice. I could see he was in so much pain and wanted what was best for him, which meant he was soon going to be leaving me as well. We shared secrets, and laughs, and plenty of tears.
Being raised by my great grandparents during my early childhood was a blessing because they took such good care of me, but also a curse because the years were so short and I didn’t take the time to realize that until it was too late.

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