My Best Basketball Player On My Life Essays

My Best Basketball Player On My Life Essays

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When I hear the word track I get so excited because I know it is something that i’m good at, something I can prove myself to be the best at, a place where I don’t have to think or feel pressured to be the best all the time. For me, track is a place where I can escape and become something other than just another student or athlete. Track has changed my life for the better.
My story starts in the 7th grade, when I was the best basketball player on the 7th grade girls basketball team for Brainerd. I was always used to be the best at basketball because I was tall, strong, and not afraid to take chances. In 7th grade I had been playing basketball for 11 years. One day after my brother and I got home from school he asked me if I wanted to try throwing the discus. I told him no because I didn’t want to get hurt because that weekend I had a basketball tournament. He told me I wouldn’t hurt myself unless I was messing around. So I thought to myself “why not? What’s the worst the worst that can happen?” I went over and picked the discus up, it was a lot heavier than I thought it was going to be. For about 5 minutes my brother showed me what basically I had to do with my body to propel it forward correctly. On my first try ever throwing the discus I threw it 72 feet. For me that wasn’t that far, but for my brother, my mom and dad, and for the coaches at my brothers high school, that was a big deal. I threw one and went right back to playing basketball. I didn’t really care much after that about throwing or anything but basketball. For the next year I focused on basketball and school but nothing else. Then in the spring of my 8th grade year I had a phone call from the girls head throwing coach at the high school. He told me that he wanted me...

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... first throw in the shot put was my best throw that entire day. I threw 39 feet. I got second place and I was going to state in shot put as well. 2 weeks later it was time for me to go to state and all I could think about was messing up again. I threw 120 feet in discus and 37 feet in shot put. I got 9th place in discus and 13th place in shot put. I did bad again 2 years in a row, maybe this year I will do better.
Track is my favorite sport and it will always be. I have a lot of awards for doing something that I love. My favorite award though is Most Valuable Player because everyone on my team had to vote for me to get it, and they did. That award makes me feel better than any other award. I am so thankful everyday that I started track, even though some days I am mad because I know I can do better. Those days I have learned are the days that make me a better thrower.

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