Essay about My Best At The Game Of Golf

Essay about My Best At The Game Of Golf

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Did you ever want to do something perfectly? How about being at the top of something and being number one at it? I am sure everyone nowadays has that want. The want for being the best that you can at something you love to do. I am no exception to the rule. I worked at being the best at the game of golf.
I was first introduced to the game of golf through my dad at the young age of three. My dad played and he bought me a child’s plastic golf club and ball so I could play with him. Several times we went to Myrtle Beach National Golf Course, as dad played late in the afternoon before dark during the spring and fall. I remember hitting the ball several times on the green as he played. He even helped me to hit the ball. When I got older, around the age of nine, my dad bought me my first real set of clubs, a set of Golden Bear golf clubs made by Arnold Palmer.
During the summer of 2003, dad signed me up for the Carol Cudone Summer Golf League. There I learned the basics of golf etiquette and the basics of the game. For about the next three years I played in the summer golf program run by the Horry County Chapter of South Carolina Junior Golf. Throughout the summer I played golf on courses around Horry County as well as getting lessons to help me become that perfect golfer. The instructors even filmed me so that I may see what I was doing wrong and help me to improve my game. I then decided for the next five years to play in the Georgetown Chapter of South Carolina Junior Golf. Some of the golf courses there were closer to my home. There on certain days I just had lessons, then on other
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days I took what I had learned and put it to the test by playing nine holes of golf on different courses in Georgetown County. Each ...

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... and perseverance. If I set my mind to it, I shall continue to do better and better. I now always try to constantly improve and get better at

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whatever I am doing. I am committed to being on top of my hopes and dreams now and have learned this through my commitment at the game of golf for many years.
When you fail at something you learn from your mistakes. You know what you are doing wrong and then you make sure that you do not do the same things wrong again. We all do not want to continue to make mistakes or to fail at something we love to do. I learned the game of golf, continued to build my skills, was able to succeed at it and win some accolades for my hard work. If you set your mind to it and practice you are sure to consistently get better. Finally, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. This had a positive affect on my life today.

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