Essay on My Beloved Grandfather

Essay on My Beloved Grandfather

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Sixty-five years ago, a man who protected American citizens was born. Although, I wasn’t with him entirely in his life, he was still a hero. He grew up with opportunities to learn, grow, and keeping the best memories. I was the first ever grand child that was born to him, that life I was living changed dramatically in the spring of my seventh grade year. My beloved grandfather was diagnosed with liver disease.
It was unpredictable news, I was with my mom and brother in Indiana for the half of my seventh grade year until the end of February, we decided to go back to South Carolina.
“Grandpa has liver disease, I just got done talking to him on the phone.” my mother said while she was crying.
I laid on the couch with utter shock, I didn’t know what to say. “He will probably die, there’s nothing to do about it.” In the beginning of March, we packed all of our stuff that we took with us and put it in the car. We drove to South Carolina that took us 12 hours, we went inside of the house and I glimpsed my grandfather laying on the couch watching television. He smiled when he saw us comin...

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