My Beliefs And Thoughts From The Information Gathered And My Own Thoughts

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Introduction The woman that I interviewed was my mother’s mother. She is 73 years old and married. She has always lived in pretty much the same part of Iowa her whole life. She came from a family of twelve children and has six children of her own. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast my beliefs and thoughts to hers and connect the information gathered and my own thoughts to the course readings. Marriage My grandma said that she always planned on getting married and thought that her mid-twenties or earlier would be a good time. I also plan on getting married at some point and I hope that I can be married by my mid-twenties or earlier as well. When I asked her if she felt that she was expected to marry, she said both yes and no. To explain this, she said that people never outright said anything to pressure her but they would probably be surprised if she did not. Again I feel the same way. I have not had people say anything that would make me feel pressured to get married but others as well as myself would be surprised if I never got married. However, I do feel like I kind of put pressure on myself when I see a lot of people my age with serious boyfriends/girlfriends. If makes me feel like I am behind. One of my grandma’s children (my uncle) has remained unmarried to so she has seen this firsthand. Her thoughts have changed over time because at first she did not understand why he would choose to remain single. Over time however, you accept it because you do not want people to do things if it does not feel right. Also, after a long time of being single, being with someone can be a tough adjustment. When I see people that have remained unmarried or un-partnered in life, I feel a little bit sad. I hope that they are n... ... middle of paper ... have some time to adjust to being married before I change the dynamic of my family. My spouse and I will probably talk about how many children we want possibly even before we get married just to make sure we are both on the same page. I also plan on talking about discipline techniques but I feel like this talk will not happen until we actually get into disciplining our children. It is important for my spouse and I to talk about how we are going to raise and care for our children unless I know that my spouse has the same ideas as I do. When I asked my grandma what the best part of being a parent is, she responded by saying that it is the joy you feel when you see all of the things that your children accomplish and just watching them grow. The worst part to her is having to let them fail or seeing them go through something that you cannot help them with or control.

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