My Background And Curriculum Materials Essay

My Background And Curriculum Materials Essay

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My featured video is in the PGE area of Literacy. The broad context of the lesson takes place during an opinion-writing unit based on the Lucy Calkins, Units of Study for Writing Workshop, for beginning writers. Earlier in the year my students were instructed on narrative and then informative writing based on the Lucy Calkins curriculum. Additionally, it is also synchronized within the yearlong arts integrated scope and sequence instruction implemented in my first grade class. The goal for this lesson was for my students to form their opinions and write about a topic in which they have expert knowledge. Therefore, the topic of personal collections fits easily into this category. To assist them with this concept, I brought in my collection of shells and modeled throughout the lesson sequence using templates from the Lucy Calkins opinion writing curriculum materials. After I modeled my collection, they were excited about bringing in something they have collected or would like to begin collecting. Having their own collection gave them additional ownership of their opinions and writing resulting in student empowerment and increased engagement during this lesson sequence. Listening to their explanations during informal and formal writing conferences and prompting them to give more details assisted my students with improved verbal communication and greater transference to print. Following the featured lesson, my students used the photograph of their collection taken with class iPads, as a graphic to present their opinion writing. Students asked questions to their peers that were not in their group and gave specific positive feedback to the presenting students. As an extension to this lesson sequence, my students learned about ...

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...nd I circulated to give feedback, in order to prompt and redirect students in writing. The group in the back, nearest to the word wall, shows the girl in the glasses, wearing the tan shirt, using the word wall as she gets up to see the word more clearly, which is why she was placed in the part of the room for this learning sequence. The two boys working together are pared because one is stronger in his transference of verbal ideas to print, while the little boy in the white shirt has more difficulty focusing. The boy in the grey shirt is always on task and has been a good example for him, which has improved his writing throughout the year. Alternately, the little boy in the grey shirt has improved in his ability to verbally communicate his ideas with the help of his partner. The impact on student learning was evident as they were engaged and following directions.

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