My Application For A New Learning Community Essay

My Application For A New Learning Community Essay

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Detail the steps you will take to establish your role in your new learning community.
Instituting my role in aspiration of my doctoral degree the first plan of action is to generate a strategic plan of action. I recognize that achieving my goals involve retaining a positive attitude regarding researching new material, comprehending each curriculum area that is essential for each course, and anticipating a need for changes when required.
First, I contemplate identifying personal goals concerning my individual learning process. I comprehend my need for assistance in some fields (eg, Writing Scholarly Material). I intend to employ the Online Writing Center and attending workshops. Secondly, I will continuously monitor my progress with my advisor. This will assist in constructing a map for future classes necessary in achieving my overall goals. Next, I will document any and all constructive guidance from both fellow students and instructors. This will assist in developmental skills needed in order to achieve the high standards that I would expect from myself when working towards my degree. Finally, I will continue to refine or develop new goals. I realize that similar to plans, goals often change with situations.
Categorize by your goals the individuals that are or will become members of your learning community.
The process of becoming a part of my learning community began with the first introduction. “Interactivity is a sense of participation, dialogue, and reciprocity, and of being a part of something beyond oneself” (Wilcoxon, 2011). My fellow students have become a part of my learning community and not only do I take away from them some valuable tools but also I hope I contribute as well. My goals in the learning community ar...

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...ves around several strategic steps:
1. attend the residency with an open mind.
2. write down and ask questions.
3. Meet instructors and fellow students—begin the process of resources.
4. Take plenty of notes.
My overall goal for residency is to gain valuable information and resources for future classes. I would like to develop a map guiding me in the direction that I would need to follow in order to succeed in receiving my doctoral. Also, I would like to learn how to develop and build my career skills concerning online communication.
Some of the benefits described for residency from the Walden site are:
• To establish support from professionals in the field I am studying.
• Assist me in enhancing skills that are fundamental to my professional goals.
• Opportunity to meet with both Faculty and fellow students
• A chance to enroll and participate in workshops

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