Essay on My Application for a Master of Science in Computer Science

Essay on My Application for a Master of Science in Computer Science

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My application for a Master of Science in Computer Science at your esteemed university is a step towards attaining my goal to build a successful career in the I.T. industry by pursuing a master’s degree in computer science which will greatly help me to enhance my existing knowledge about computers and also to develop my overall personality with the must-haves of an I.T. professional.

The fascinating world of computers was first introduced to me at the tender age of 10 years, in my fourth grade. We had a practical lab session every week in school in which we were taught about the basic peripherals and working of the computer. It was the start of my undying interest in computers and there has been no looking back. After studying about the basics of computers in school I decided to take Information Technology as my elective subject in junior college. It was then that I was presented to the world of programming languages as I had C and JAVA in the curriculum. For me, it was nothing less than magic that everything we wanted to do could be done by just writing a program on it. It was then that I decided to endure this passion for computers and to pursue a career in the same which led to joining the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur which is the premier private institution in the state.

Determined and focused to do work towards my dream, I entered the college with great vigor and excitement. I have always been in the top 10 students of the class since grade 1, and continuing this tradition my first year score was only expected. I stood first in my class of 75 and 4th amongst 420 students enrolled for engineering. I was also the topper for C Programming in the...

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...aculty in the CISDE department and the much hyped facilities available in the campus, I’m sure that it will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain immense knowledge and expertise to build a successful career in Computer Science. Given a chance to attend the M.S. in C.S. program at your esteemed university, I’ll take full advantage to grasp as much as possible with the extremely well designed curriculum of this program and to develop myself with all the requisites of an I.T professional. I would like to pursue my area of interest by doing the specialization in Database related research.

Hence, I request that my application be considered for admission to your renowned department and also for the possible financial aid. I strongly feel that I can match the standards of your university and help contribute prolifically to the research endeavors at your University.

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