My Ancestors On My Maternal Grandfather 's Side Were From England And Germany

My Ancestors On My Maternal Grandfather 's Side Were From England And Germany

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My ancestors on my maternal grandfather’s side were from England and Germany. My maternal great-grandfather was born in England, and my great-great-grandmother was born in Germany. Unfortunately, my grandfather did not have much contact with his family after his parents divorced, so this is all he knows. I also know that I am related to a English actor named Edward Petherbridge somehow. I find this exciting because my family calls my grandfather “Edward” instead of “William,” which is his first name.
My maternal grandmother’s family is from Poland and Germany. My great-great-grandfather was the first to come to the United States between 1898 and 1901. He was two years old at the time. His father was the boot maker for the King of Poland, and his mother was the lady in waiting for the Queen of Poland. My great-great-grandmother was from Germany. She came over to America when she was nine years old. My great-grandfather was the first generation born in the United States from both parents. My great-great-grandmother’s family was from a German community in Pennsylvania. They were referred to as the Pennsylvania Dutch. I also have a relative from England on that side.
On my father’s side not much is known. My great-grandmother is said to be Eskimo. She was also Native American, which is probably where I get my dark brown hair from. She was part of the Navajo Native American tribe. My paternal grandmother’s side is unknown by my relatives.
My maternal ancestors came to America in search for a better life. My maternal grandmother has told me that there were problems in both Germany and Poland when my ancestors came to America. Unfortunately, my paternal grandparents have passed away, so I cannot ask them why the family came to America. ...

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... people looked at me. I did not know that they thought I was unnatural, or that I was a mistake. I did not know that people called me names in front of my parents, the nicest one being “zebra.” Once I learned this information about myself and my family, I learned to not judge people by their appearance. I learned to judge them by their attitude. If I did not learn this crucial factor of life, I would not have such a diverse friend group as I do now.
I am thankful that all of these things have happened in my life, because if they did not happen, I would not be the person that I am today. If I lived up to racial stereotypes, I would not be in college. If I believed everything that people have said about my family, I would be a very angry person. I did not believe everything that people have said about me, and I learned not to believe what people say about other people.

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