Essay about My American Girl, By Alejandro Portes And Ramon Grosfoguel

Essay about My American Girl, By Alejandro Portes And Ramon Grosfoguel

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After watching My American Girls, I realized the advantages and the disadvantages that immigrants face in the United States. The Ortiz family were first generation immigrants, from the Dominican Republic. The film really emphasized on the compromises many immigrants face when pursuing the American Dream. The film also gave an in-depth analysis of the daughters, who are caught between their parents values that descend from the Dominican Republic and their own. The film encompasses the paradoxes of cotemporary immigrant life.
It is incomprehensible for one to grasp what life is like for an immigrant. However, for many individuals this is their reality. During this century, in the United States, Cubans, Dominicans, Haitians, Jamaicans, and Puerto Ricans have been the five major insular migrations. This is not a new phenomenon, in fact, the relationship between the United States and Caribbean have historical origins. It is evident that as political and economic structures shift the patterns of migration shift as well. “Caribbean Diasporas: Migration and Ethnic Communities,” by Alejandro Portes and Ramon Grosfoguel convey that these patterns influence origins and the destination of immigrants. Job opportunities can easily be seen as the predominant mainspring for migration. Many immigrants pursue jobs in metropolitan areas such as, New York. Thousands of Puerto Rican and Dominican men went to work as unskilled operatives in factories; women worked as menial help in hotels, nursing homes, and restaurants. Although these jobs are not ideal for many American adults, immigrants are willing to take these jobs in order to provide a better life for their families and themselves. Subsequent research in the New York Dominican community provid...

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...ities, but extend to gender, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and age. I had to adjust to the “student culture”. The knowledge, experiences, and environment had most certainly altered my beliefs, attitudes, and values.
As I indulged into my new ways of life, I began to lose my former identity. After, a few years in East Lansing, I am astonished in how little “home” changed in comparison to how much I have changed. As much as I enjoy visiting home, I enjoy coming back to East Lansing more. The strict beliefs and values there seem so old fashioned and ignorant. This has created a cultural divide between my parents and I. Regardless, of the different beliefs, values, and norms I will always have a strong attachment to my family. Just like the Ortiz family, differences amongst family members are inevitable; it is how you react to those differences.

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