My Activities For Student Assistance For Leadership Essay

My Activities For Student Assistance For Leadership Essay

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The Report of My Activities for Student Assistance for Leadership in Teaching (SALT) Program

Throughout my yearly SALT program (fall 2015 to spring 2016), many different tasks were accomplished while gaining exponential research experience and teaching experience throughout the SALT program.
The tasks that were established by my SALT program mentor (Dr. Scott) started in October. One of the first tasks was evaluating minutes from an American Association of University Women (AAUW) club meeting that I had the pleasure to assist with during my yearly SALT program. The assistance toward AAUW was helping officers from AAUW raise money for a women shelter in Calcutta India and help them spread awareness about the plight of women in India. Raising money for the women shelter in India was done by assisting with a bake sale with AAUW that was held on November 19th, 2015. Before the bake sale event, I assisted with creating a bake sale filer that was distributed throughout the campus. At the bake sale event, I assisted by helping instruct the KSU first-year learning community students how much we are selling the bake goods, where the money was collected, and where the student attendance sheet was located for the bake sale as well. While collaborating on the bake sale event, assistance toward the Academic Extravaganza event was done as well.
The Academic Extravaganza is a showcase of any academic work from the KSU first-year learning communities courses (e.g. class projects, assignments, service learning events, and independent learning inspired by coursework) especially academic work of the history, customs, and plight of women in India. Assistance was done by creating an informational presentation about the event that was distributed ...

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...ficiently. As a result of all the experience gained from the SEPA research group.
Throughout Fall 2015 semester and Spring 2016 semester many other tasks were accomplished such as organizing and printing out information and spreading the word out about the study abroad trip by emailing KSU students about the opportunity. However, the tasks that in my perspective was very beneficial was helping format tests in February and March based on the questions they provided for me, establishing the information for Humanitarian Incentive for Peruvians (HIP) service club at Kennesaw State University(KSU) and assisting Dr. Scott with the Teachers of psychology in Secondary Scholar (TOPSS) competition for high school psychology students. Nonetheless, without the SALT program I would not have been able to have such a beneficial experience that would help me in my academic career.

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