The Mutation Of A Mutation Essay

The Mutation Of A Mutation Essay

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C. elegans is a model organism that is very easy to manipulate. These worms exist in male and hermaphroditic forms. Hermaphroditic worms can breed with themselves and create their own progeny. These type of worms can be bred so that their traits can be passed down and controlled from generation to generation, without the introduction of another worm’s genes. This way of breeding helps scientists easily isolate a trait by picking worms with the genotype and phenotype that they are looking for. This also makes it easier for scientists to isolate mutations and breed for them using the hermaphroditic worms.
In this experiment the major thing that was looked at were mutations. A mutation is caused by a single base change in the units of DNA. This mutation can be caused by mutagens which go into DNA and change base pairs. This change can be passed on to offspring by parental generations. Mutations can change many phenotypic characteristics of C. elegans such as body shape, activity, and offspring. Many of these mutagenic traits have different levels of inheritance that can either be passe...

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