Mussings On Weakness

Mussings On Weakness

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"I am glad to boast about my weaknesses so that the power of Christ may work through me" – II Corinthians 12:9 NLT

When was the last time you told someone about your weaknesses? I mean, truly told them your flaws, your vices, and wanted to tell them not because you wanted them to pity you, but so that you might me an example of growth and change. If you have done this, then kudos to you, because you have been able to overcome what many of us still struggle with. For the rest of us, it is still a daily battle.

In today's society, telling a stranger or even someone close to you about your flaws is like wanting to get hit by a car. Our society says we must always be perfect, to hide our weaknesses and try to be better then the person next to us. I am guilty of this just like the next person. As a people pleaser, I hide my unhappiness and depression so that I didn't appear weak. I spent so much time making other people happy that I didn't have the energy left to even take basic care of myself.

Then G-d lead me to this verse. He told me that these things that I had been hiding to try and make myself strong were really making me weaker then I already was. Instead G-d said to be happy about my weaknesses and share them because by sharing them with others, Christ could work through me, change me, and then change the person who had seen what Christ had done in my life. At first I thought I have so many weaknesses, how could anyone see me as a strong person or a role model for anyone because I thought a role model was someone who had his or her life all together and never had problems. But G-d has shown me otherwise. He wants me to be messy, and have problems because he is able to work his love and miracles through me as a witness to others.

But what if I really don't have big problems, you ask. Well I think you have a big one and it is called denial! Just because your life doesn't have any huge, earthshaking problems does not mean that you don't have weaknesses. We all have weaknesses, we are human and

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Related Searches">weakness is just part of that, but G-d says it is fine to have weaknesses. Once you realize that your life can become so full of passion and life. When you can accept your fault and give them to G-d to use, so many doors can open up. I'm not saying that your life will become smooth sailing, in fact it might even be harder for a while, but if you remember that Christ is working through you, then the struggles become easier to cope with.

Society says we must be strong, hide our problems. Well I would like to tell society to stick it! I have run in the marathon called society, several times in fact, and each time I have crashed and burn, never crossing the finish line. Why would I want to continue living my life like that? With the love of Christ, I know that I will ultimately cross the finish line, a place in his eternal kingdom, and my hope is that I can bring some people with me. Whether it is one person or a hundred, I have done what G-d calls us to do.

So the point is, weakness is good, if you allow Christ to work through you. If you do that, Christ will make you a stronger person, you will still have weaknesses, but you will have the greatest support system ever created.
"Yes, I am glad to be weak, or insulted, or mistreated, or to have troubles and sufferings, if it is for Christ. Because when I am weak, I am strong." – II Corinthians 12:10 CEV

Ok, so maybe you have been able to at least accept that you do have weaknesses. That is great; it is kind of like the first step in a twelve step program. You have been able to admit to something you have been denying. You might even feel that you are ready to tell the world about your weaknesses, you are willing to let G-d work through you for the good of others and yourself. But now you have hit a wall. That wall is called Society.

Last time I talked about how society views weakness. It says that weakness needs to be covered up at all costs. You must be better, stronger then the others around you. So naturally you are curious as to how your newly confessed weaknesses and willingness to share these weaknesses fit into the world in which we live. Can you truly go against culture and society so much? Will you be able to survive it? Paul says you can.

In II Corinthians 12:10, Paul continues to explain why he is glad to share his weaknesses with the people around him. First he says he is glad to be weak. Now, it is one step to confess or at least not deny that you have weaknesses. Another step is to tell others about your weaknesses, but you think if they can learn from your example then you will deal with the pain. But now you are supposed to be happy about being weak! I mean really, I know the last time I said I had a weakness, that is besides my weakness for Chocolate, I was not happy about it. That seems like a thousand steps away, uphill carrying a hundred pound weight. Not only that but who wants to go tell people they are happy to be weak. Um, I think I would rather have the flu. At least that is what I thought at one time.

The idea that changed my mind was when Paul said "if it is for Christ". Now there is a thought. I was willing to let G-d and Christ work through me, so why shouldn't I be happy about it. I am happy to live in the love of Christ, and part of that love is a healing love, a love that heals our weaknesses, so it makes sense to be happy. But what about what the world around you will think? Won't they think you are totally nuts? Maybe, and maybe not. Think of how much you could impact a person's life by showing them that weaknesses is not something to be afraid of, but in fact something to be happy about. How about when you tell them that their weaknesses is a gateway for G-d to their lives and the lives of the people around them. You have the chance to completely change a person's outlook on life.

As for society, look at it this way. Every time you share your weaknesses with someone else, showing them it is ok to be weak, you are chipping away at the artificiality of society. Then, the person you shared with may share with someone else, now there are two of you chipping away. In a short time a whole group of people can be at work fighting to get through the façade of society. If everyone works hard, society can be changed, made real and have life given back to it. So perhaps by fighting against society for a little while, you may actually be fighting for it in the long run

Paul's final words in this verse tell us that by being weak, we are strong. I believe this is because when we are weak, Christ gives us his strength. He instills in us his love and healing, which like medicine for a cold that brings us back to health. Christ's love is that powerful, and I can't think of anything better to share with others. Go against society, confess your weaknesses, share them with others, and be happy to have weaknesses. Because if you are weak for Christ, then you are in reality, strong. Strong enough to change the world.
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