Essay on Muslim Gropups and Terrorism

Essay on Muslim Gropups and Terrorism

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Since the 9/11 attack in the United States, the term “terrorism” and “terrorists” are often synonymous to several Muslim groups bent on taking revenge against the most powerful and influential countries today. Most of the attacks of terrorists are often suicidal such as suicide bombings, kidnapping and armed conflict against the military. Most reports and first-hand accounts state that these terrorists are doing this “holy war” against the world because they wish to cleanse the world of its evil and create order. But many disagree with this claim as they are killing innocent people while doing this holy war against those with power. Civilians often question why terrorism happens and when would this reign of terror end? There are many possible reasons on why terrorism came to be but, considering the current status of the international arena; it may take a while for terrorism to fully come to an end.
In an assessment by some critics, terrorism exists because of influential factors that stem from the environment the terrorists have been introduced with. The study noted that terrorists often participate in the activity of terrorism because of the benefits that may be given to them even if they are not finished with their studies and if they have regular jobs. Most of these people who are enticed to join the cause mostly belong to the developing nations who have experienced enough oppression and use by the developed countries as these countries have claimed what is not theirs. This then serves as one of the main reasons why no matter how dangerous the task is, the people who wish to join the cause would do it to give their families a greater life. Terrorist groups provide some support for their recruits and members which is more be...

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...t can provide them but in a civilian’s point of view, it could have been done in a more diplomatic matter. Then again, politics makes it more difficult to settle things with these groups as it is clouded with people whom believe these terrorists groups are up to no good. Unless there is an agreement between these groups, all ideologies understood and universally thought; terrorism may indeed end. At present however, even if the Allied forces can kill the heads of the movements, revenge would always come next to it. What is the point on ending terrorism through this method if the terrorists would want to have revenge against the Allies for killing their own? Unless all of the actors would forget their differences at least for one day to speak to these people and understand why they are fighting, there may be a chance to create a compromise that all may benefit from.

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