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Muslim and Islamic Women Essay

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When one thinks of the role of Muslim and Islam women, the first thought that comes in mind is a victim waiting for the right moment to approach Western Liberation. The ignorance of the people compels the woman to be portrayed as weak, and controlled on what they can wear and how they should act. What most people are not aware about is that the Prophet Muhammad was indeed pro women’s right, as he stated “To seek knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim, male and female” proves that women are treated as an equal. Even though it is been said that women are independent to create their own pathway, society intervenes and challenges with women’s liberty. Women are judged by what they wear and what they do. Islam and Muslim have gotten the right to comply with her beliefs but she will not be accepted if she is not the traditional woman. Media captures the stereotypical views of Islam/ Muslim women, they do have the right to go against the traditional woman's role, but the reality is that history counters the fact that Islam and Muslims are civilized therefore women has not reached a high status in their society.
In “The Media and Its Representation of Islam and Muslim Women” by Sairra Patel argues that the media always stereotypes women in Islam/Muslim are being oppressed by men. Media has taken a large portion as the reason why Islam and Muslims are characterized as men superior to women, “In television, films, books, newspapers and magazines Islam is presented as being a backward and barbaric religion”, media had affected them unjustly since what is being said in the media is not accurate. They misrepresent men as dominators and the reality is that they are equal, “And for women are right over men/similar to those of men over women...

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...hway of their religion.
In conclusion, the media is representing Islam/Muslim women stereotypically: weak, dependent, and oppressed. Though Patel provides the fact that women do have rights as the Prophet Muhammad had introduced, society will not be accept the untraditional women role. The stereotypical views of woman are not accurately reflecting the civilization of the religion because Muslim/Islam society always treat men as the dominant sex, and since the women is the minority they do not obtain the opportunity to be contributing to a role that sets her as an equal to men because she will not be heard by the public.

Works Cited

Patel, Sairra, “The Media and Its Representation of Islam and Muslim Women”. 75 Arguments: An Anthology. Ed. Alan Ainsworth. Boston: McGraw Hill, 2008. 157-163. Print.

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