Essay The Musician 's Process

Essay The Musician 's Process

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The Musician’s Process
The process that musicians go through is very simple: work hard, fail, then work harder. I fully understood this procedure when I played the flute in the orchestra for my high school’s winter musical Once Upon a Mattress. It was a new school year and I wanted to try new things because I didn’t want to look back and regret not doing something fun. Being able to challenge myself gave me new experiences, more perseverance, and ultimately led me to advance in my playing and pursue music further.
In my sophomore year of high school, I decided to jump into an experience that would be different than any other. My school system was set up to have seventh through ninth grade in the middle school and tenth through twelfth in the high school, so this was my first true year of high school so it was a foreign environment. When I got the opportunity to play my flute in the February musical, I was ecstatic. Sophomores usually don’t get that opportunity. Surrounded by the eleventh and twelfth grade students that I looked up to, I was the only sophomore. I had four years of flute experience under my belt and as for my previous involvement in theater, I acted a little through middle school, but this was a different type of acting. I had to act through my music. I had to express everything through the sound from my flute rather than words, facial expressions, and movements. My prognosis was that it would be simple music. Nothing too hard. Well, I was proven wrong when I was handed my pieces.
When my teacher quickly passed out the music, he tossed me a violin packet (which is the part I was playing because we had no violins). Shaking with excitement, I eagerly snatched my music. I delicately opened the packet and looked a...

... middle of paper ...

...auditions, I had the confidence to try out. I aced my audition and became assistant drum major for my junior year and main drum major in my senior year.
That experience in the musical molded me to evolve into a better musician, gave me the opportunity to perform with my peers and the people I looked up to, and challenge myself with difficult music and become a better player. I had a naive perspective on how to accomplish obstacles and the musical aided me to realize many important things. I understood that no one is perfect and everyone will make mistakes. No one will get it right on the first time. I learnt that in any situation, all you need is perseverance and willpower to pull through. You can do so much and achieve so many amazing things, but to do them, you need to challenge yourself and try new things. You never know what could come out of a little struggle.

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