The Musical Voice of Generations Essay

The Musical Voice of Generations Essay

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Music Censorship is not a new Idea though since its development it has changed and morphed into what it is today. With its implementation, also came the debates. Is music censorship to protect our virtue or is there an alternative underlining reason that only a certain style of music gets censored? Also, what extent should the enforcers be allowed to go to pursue to censor our music. "Censorship is at best problematic and at worst dangerous when it tries to silence the voice of the powerless at the behest of the powerful." (Censorship, 2006) While music censorship is meant to protect the masses, people should have the freedom to express themselves musically.

The censorship of music is not a new idea. For as long as there has been music broadcasted to the masses on the radio there has been censorship. Though there were other forms of music censorship as far back as the time of slavery. When the plantation owners would not allow their slaves to sing there traditional songs in fear of an uprising. Though the radio was "born" about thirty years before around 1900-1910 the radio was not widely used for entertainment purposes until about 1930. Between the times of its birth till about 1930 the government tried to control its use and use it for military uses since WW1 was in full affect about this time. Afterwards in the 1930's The United States needed the distraction from the depression that the music and story programs provided. This is when the censorship of music was also implemented. For the government wanted the country to be in high spirits but not too high so music that they deemed improper was to be regulated. "Moral condemnations of jazz in the 1930's; Complaints against the swooning of Frank Sinatra in the 1940's; attacks o...

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...hat happens when there is no growth and no new ideas because all of those who push the boundary have been silenced? When there is no new music because it has all been deemed inappropriate what freedom is next? Though this may seem to be an extreme thought if no one puts their foot down it may become a reality. When the youth sits back and except being silenced on any level is this the future we want to leave for the next generation. I know that I want to leave this world stronger than it was when I came into it.

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