The Musical Hamilton Written By Lin Manuel Miranda Essay

The Musical Hamilton Written By Lin Manuel Miranda Essay

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All people are born unique with different but defining qualities. These qualities are most effectively expressed through a person’s actions. Steve Maraboli once said, “you express the truth of your character with the choice of your actions”. With that being said, your actions reveal to others what type of individual you are. The musical Hamilton written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, details the life of an orphan who writes his way into the history books. Which then becomes one of the founding fathers of the United States. Hamilton faces many obstacles and trials, but throughout his life has always made the decision to not throw away his shot. Like Hamilton, other’s life and events are illustrated in the musical Hamilton. Hamilton, reveals the characterization of Alexander Hamilton, Alex Burr, and Angelica Schuyler. First, paragraph one will focus on Hamilton’s determination. The following paragraph will be focused on Burr and his enigmatic nature. Lastly, the final paragraph will illustrate Angelica and the loyalty she has for her family.

In the musical Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda reveals the characterization of Hamilton. Hamilton is revealed to be a man of great determination. The song “Alexander Hamilton”, talks of his rough beginning in the West Indies as a young child. “Impoverished in squalor/Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?”(0:20). Hamilton is the perfect example of a “rags to riches” story. Which is just reality because he transformed from a poverty stricken orphan into the founding father of a nation. Next, Hamilton carried the will to be successful and great. The song “My Shot” is about him taking advantage of the opportunities available to him. He sings “I walk these streets famished/The plan is to fan this spark into ...

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...ell your story/...When I needed her most/she was right on time” (1:32). Which mean although Hamilton and Angelica had their differences she took it upon herself to let the world know the true story of Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton reveals the characterization of these three characters; Hamilton, Burr, and Angelica. Hamilton is determined, Burr is enigmatic, and Angelica is loyal to her family. This topic was chosen to show my understanding of the musical Hamilton. Since studying the musical, an appreciation for the effort taken to create such musical was developed over time. Due to Hamilton we learned how to analyze and synthesize information studied. Hamilton and promotes growth by exposing its audience to a variety of styles and culture. Lastly, this illustration should be read because all points are backed by quotes from Hamilton and are all thoroughly explained.

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