The Musical Elements Of Herbie Hancock Essay

The Musical Elements Of Herbie Hancock Essay

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Herbie Hancock has played an incredible role in jazz history, particularly jazz fusion and funk jazz. Jazz fusion incorporates musical elements from other musical styles such as, rock and roll. Funk jazz is characterized by the Hammond B-3 and organ. With my love for electronic instruments and funky sounds I decided to watch Herbie Hancock’s performance at the Newport Jazz Festival located at Newport, Rhode Island. Originally, the performance was done in 2008 making it a relatively recent performance. Hancock performed alongside some wonderful musicians and artists: Dave Holland, a bass player; Chris Potter, a saxophone player; Vinnie Colaiuta, a drum player; Lionel Loueke, a guitar player; and lastly the two beautiful vocalist, Sonya Kitchell and Amy Keys. Together they performed a wonderful piece of artwork I am here to talk about.
Before we get into the actual performance I would like to talk about Herbie Hancock’s beginnings as a musician, that way it will be easier to understand his talent, endeavors, and motives to his beloved madness. Hancock has been playing piano for an extremely long time, basically since he was about seven years old and is now seventy-six years old, meaning he’s been playing for practically seventy years. This being said, he’s a very experienced and formulated piano madmen! Herbie Hancock was involved in many musical styles including: blues, funk jazz, jazz fusion and much more. When he first started performing, he mainly performed blues and classical music. Then he had a great hit that was written in the funk jazz genre: “Watermelon Man”.
But not only was Hancock great at funk jazz and slower jazz, he also had other great hidden talents. Hancock originally was a keyboard player in Miles Davis’s band,...

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...her through a screen I could tell she was very passionate and happy about the performance. She closed her eyes through it all, and that made me feel as if she was actually playing from her heart, and I could tell then performing and singing was her passion. Unlike the last performance this performance did include the bass player Dave Holland playing bass and not guitar. Also, the saxophone in the last song was very loud and clearly heard, but in this song it was mellowed out and much softer. An indicator that leads me to believe this is a cool jazz performance is the fact that Vinnie Colaiuta was playing brushes instead of drum sticks. This allows the drummer to not play such hard accents.
One thing I loved about this song is that you can see everyone’s emotions shine through them. There was even a part where guitar player Lionel Loueke looks over at his fellow band

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