Essay on Musical Ability And Its Relationship With Business Success

Essay on Musical Ability And Its Relationship With Business Success

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Musical Ability and its Relationship with Business Success
In recent years, research has made connections between the intelligence of children and musical ability (Gershon 2014; Schellenberg 2011; Sherman 2011, Vitale 2011). Most researchers who believe in this theory argue that the millions of synapses firing during musical activity strengthens one’s cognitive abilities such as IQ, creativity, communication skills, problem solving skills, and memory. This is supported by the many research opportunities they have taken part in, the observations and experiments they performed, and their first-hand experiences (Gershon 2014; Sherman 2011; Schellenberg 2004; Vitale 2011). Some researchers even say it could prevent diseases such as alzheimer 's and dementia through the memorization and vast amount of brain activity needed in order to process and play music (Balbag, Pederson, Gatz 2014).
Others, however, disagree with these claims. These oppositioners assert that the logic and demographic data used to support their own arguments show that there are too many possible confounding variables, even when other scientists claim that all other variables, besides the variable under debate, are held constant.
The two sides in this ongoing argument are passionate about their findings, and it is for this reason that no solid conclusion has been made. By providing an alternative method for testing the performance level of those who played an instrument at a young age, one could come to a logical and reasonable conclusion that supports one of the sides of this dispute.

Literature Review:
One supporter of this theory is E. Glenn Schellenberg, a professor in the Department of Psychology at Toronto University, and he performed a tes...

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... nor the information my participants give on the survey will exploit or harm the participants in any way. This is ensured through the approval of my IRB Application, which says that in order for me to conduct my research I must ensure that the contributors of my survey will be safe from persecution or exploitation of any kind, and that their participation is voluntary. The people I choose to take my survey will not know why they were chosen to take it, ensuring that they will not choose an answer because they think it is the correct answer. Insert something about the sample size of your study once you figure out what is it! From the responses to my survey, I will be able to see what proportions of successful and failed business founders played an instrument when they were younger. From that, I will conduct a chi-squared test for a correlation between these categories.

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