The Music Video Of Crooked Smile By J. Cole Essay

The Music Video Of Crooked Smile By J. Cole Essay

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Behind a Crooked Smile
The music video of “Crooked Smile” by J. Cole illustrates a story that not most people see. The music video reenacts the incident that involved the slain of Aiyana Jones. Although the music video portrays a tragic event, the lyrics of the music video tell a different story. The lyrics tell a message to people, especially females, to love themselves and to not worry what others think of them. In the music video “Crooked Smile,” Cole illustrates the war between the government, drugs, and the innocent victims who are caught in between them. With the song and music video combined, the message to its viewers is to find change and peace not only in the community, but also in our minds.
J. Cole, born Jermaine Lamarr Cole, was a man who pursued his passion into the hip-hop industry and finally got his break through when he got signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation (“J. Cole Biography” 5). Cole was also involved with his community in joining the protest for NYC Ferguson and Eric Garner. The target audience for the music video, “Crooked Smile,” would be those who are against police who abuses their power. This also targets those who understand what it is like to struggle in life and have to go through drastic measures just to get by another day. The target audience for the lyrics, however, would be to those who are insecure of their appearance especially young women. The excluded audience for the music video would be those who do not have to go through such drastic measures, and those who do not see this type of issue everyday. The excluded audience for the lyrics would be those who are confident in their appearance and males who tend to treat women badly.
The message behind the lyrics basically encourages people to not loo...

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The whole music video is in remembrance of the little girl Aiyana Jones and to show its audience the injustice it served in America (Alexis 5). The music video does not focus on the lyrics, but focuses on a whole different story. Although the music video is about the war between the government and drugs, the lyrics and the music video share a mutual message and that is to seek peace not only in the community, but also in our minds. Today, there have been issues on police brutality and unlawful arrests. This music video really illustrated different point of views of different people such as the victim and the policemen. Although the music video displayed a different message, the lyrics also provided a great message to people especially young women. Both music video and lyrics share the mutual messages and both messages encourage change in society and government.

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