Music Therapy : Music And Brain Function Essay

Music Therapy : Music And Brain Function Essay

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Music Therapy (which is using music in a therapeutic relationship to address cognitive, emotional, physical, and social needs of individuals) (1) has drastically changed in the past 15 year. These changes were brought about because of new insight from research into music and brain functions. Scientist have found that music and its counterparts are a highly structured auditory language that involves complex perception, cognition, and motor control in the brain.
Thus, it can be effective to use in retraining and re-educating the injured brain. Music Therapist and Physicians are using music now in rehabilitation in ways that are supported by evidence and supported by an understanding of the mechanisms of music and brain function.
Rapid developments in this research have been introduced quickly into neurologic therapy. This overall quick transition to using music as a therapy or act of healing has been perceived by the public as a minor addition and that it has no effect on the brain. The truth of the matter is that music can have a major effect on the brain. Music therapy has shown that it can be effective and should be included in standard rehabilitation care.
Where Music Therapy started to be used
Aristotle and Plato both made notions that music can be used a method of healing both mind and body. In the 20th century, its formal use came to be, during World War I and II musicians started to play music in hospitals to raise the moral of the people. These people had notable physical and emotional responses to music, which led the doctors and nurses to hire more musicians. (1) In its early stages of this therapy music was used to promote the well-being of the individuals, create a positive outlook on what had happened, to foster em...

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...e connections between neurons in the brain.
As these discoveries were made scientist considered passive stimulation no longer effective and that active learning and training promised to be the best strategy to help “rewire” the injured brain and recover as much ability as possible. Furth research has supported that this new approach is better. (6)
By combining these developments (finding that musical and non-musical functions share areas in the brain, insight into plasticity, and brain imaging) therapist could now provide powerful evidence that music can be used to heal those with injuries. Music can “rewire” the damaged area of the brain and repair those broken connections. People though music can relearn language, speech, cognitive, and motor functions, because they share the same brain systems and plasticity. People have finally taken music as a therapy seriously.

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