Music Therapy is the Best Medicine Essay

Music Therapy is the Best Medicine Essay

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Intense emotion and boundless energy courses through my veins when I listen to a song. I devour every note and without music I would feel starved. Not everyone feels the same way I do. To some people, life would continue to move on with or without songs. Whether a person loves or loathes music, music continues to be a significant aspect of everyone’s life. People are surrounded by pitch, melody, and rhythm every day. Before a child is even born, the fetus develops an auditory system between the seventeenth and nineteenth week of pregnancy, allowing it to experience the beauty of music for the first time (Musical Alertness in the Womb). The rhythm of the mother’s heartbeat and breathing becomes the child’s biological soundtrack. When brain damage or injury interrupts a person’s own biological rhythms, music becomes an invaluable medicine.
In the event that brain damage occurs, our brains have a means to counteract the effects of an injury. A major component of the brain is a neural pathway. Neural pathways consist of brain cells that conduct electrical impulses called action potentials. These brain cells are connected in such a way that they are similar to an electrical circuit. The sum of all the circuits in the brain “control movement, thinking, emotion and behavior” (Physicians Update, 2006). “The circuits nearest the area [that is damaged] naturally form new connections, routing around the damage and resulting in recovery” (Physicians Update, 2006).
Music therapy can liberate victims of Parkinson’s disease and strokes from their uncontrollable tremors or incapacity to move at all. Therapists can have patients listen to music or produce music, stimulating the brain cells connections in the motor cortex to rewire. The motor cor...

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...t.” (Melodic Intonation Therapy). Singing “slows down the rate of word production and thereby may improve intelligibility” (Making Non-fluent aphasics speak: sing along!). In “songs, words and melodies are learned together. Melody may facilitate access to words because they are tightly associated in memory” (Making Non-fluent aphasics speak: sing along!).
Overall, the music used in music therapy is a revolutionary medicine that doctors should use more often to treat their patients. It can take ages for researchers to produce a drug that will cure patients and drugs often come with undesirable side effects! By using music therapy on patients, it is possible to cut down the expenses for many hospitals and families of the sick. In addition, music can help patients communicate in a way in which words could not. When drugs fail, we can always turn to musical medicine.

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