Music Skills For Academic Success Essay

Music Skills For Academic Success Essay

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Music skills that lead to academic success
Music training formulates success in students academically because of the different skills and subjects learned and used in music. Based on my experience, I can say that this is completely valid. I have been involved in music ever since I was a little girl. I even continued with my passion throughout high school. In high school, I was a member of Sayville High School’s chorale. Chorale is a selected group of students who sing and perform songs in front of a large group of people. From being a member of chorale, I learned many skills such as, reading, vocabulary, listening, and concentration. By constantly reading sheet music, practicing the songs, and learning the different beats notes get allowed me to use these skills in my academic classes. A lot of the time when I am doing my homework, I listen to the classical piece Canon in D Major written by Johann Pachelbel. While listening to this piece, it relieves a lot of my daily stress by clearing my mind from the entire outside weight that is upon my shoulders. That allows me to then stay focused and calm when completing all my assignments (Canon in D Major).
Music training creates many different skills that are used in academics. During a course of children’s musical learning, they begin to associate it with word decoding. Word decoding is, “a fundamental reading skill related to the ability to pronounce individual words” (Corrigall, Trainor 147-55) Word decoding also helps students learn because music trains their auditory abilities that correspond with decoding different words (147-55). Children need to be able to pronounce their words correctly, and all of their auditory skills help them to do that by decoding ...

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...ved in music. Those abilities also create productive reading skills, which helps students learn, and get high remarks (165-72). These students had better knowledge of the criteria, and did well on their academic tests because of the music training they had as well as all of the skills they used in music.
All in all, based on the evidence that I supported and my personal connection proves that musical training does make you successful academically. Students learn so many different skills in music, and they can be brought into the classroom as well. In school, I still continue to improve everyday because of the music skills I learned over the years. Learning music is definitely not easy, but neither is academic learning. If you have a passion for music like I do, continue with it because everything you learn will turn your academic education into a triumph.

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