The Music Of The Film I Got Is The Sound Of Music Essay

The Music Of The Film I Got Is The Sound Of Music Essay

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The first of the five films I picked is The Sound of Music. In this film, an Austrian becomes the governess to the many children of a widowed Naval officer. The audience for The Sound of Music is certainly the family. The element in the story which leads me to believe this is the fact that it is a musical. Nothing terrible happens to anyone in the film. The worst that happens is they flee Austria as the Nazis are coming to power, but they do so successfully. The emotion I normally experience when watching this film is joy and happiness. I especially like the opening scene where Maria is frolicking in the fields of Austria. I really enjoy hiking in my home state of Maine, so it reminds me of that.
The message of the film is that children need love and affection for a healthy childhood. Before Maria’s entrance to the film, the children often behaved immorally and the home ran like one of the submarine ships the children’s father commanded. When Maria became the Governess, we slowly watch the children become kinder, more respectful, and most importantly happier. When Maria leaves, the children become sad once again. The resolution of the story comes when Maria returns, marries the captain, and they flee Austria to presumably, live happily ever after.
The second film I chose is 12 Angry Men. In this film, a dissenting juror in a murder trial slowly convinces the others the case isn’t quite as black and white as it once appeared. The audience for this film is an adult audience. In order to fully understand the themes and motives, one must have knowledge about the United States court system, which a younger audience would not have. The emotion this film evokes in me is satisfaction. It is satisfying watching the one juror slowly conv...

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... The Princess Bride. It is the medieval story of a man and a woman who lived happily ever after. This tale has everything; action, adventure, romance, and drama. The audience for this films is a family audience. It has humor and fairytales for the children and action and romance for the adults. I specifically enjoy this film because of the humor. I watched it as a kid and the witty type of humor has always been able to make me laugh.
The films message is that true love conquers all. In the story of the film, the two main characters are separated by great distances, but because they have true love, they are able to be reunited. Westley, the male protagonist, nearly dies in his search for his true love, but because they have true love, they live happily ever after. Part of this message is that just because something is difficult, it doesn 't mean it’s not worth trying.

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