Music: It's a Way of Life

Music: It's a Way of Life

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After a rough day, when you come home from work, you need something that will make your day better. The best choice you will have is listening to your favorite type of music. You can just turn on your compact disc player and have a great time listening to your music collection. Everyone has a music collection or at least a favorite genre. Did you know that just for English music there are over 10 genres? There is one for everyone. We all have different choices for music, none is better than the other.
People these days listen to all kinds of music: hip-hop, classical, country, etc. People are really picky with what they listen to. People don’t want to compromise with what they are listening to, they don’t have to. Approximately, there are over two million songs written and published in the music industry since its birth ( According to the stats shown, we know that people have countless choices of music to choose from these days. Music gives you a variety of choices and beats that you have never heard before. There are approximately 50 albums published every week (Approximately how many songs have been produced in the US and the UK since the music industry was born).
Music has become a way of life in some parts of the world. Music has a influence on people all over the world. As we all know, music has been existing for over fifty thousand years (History of classical music traditions). Music is a source of living for a lot of people in this world. People take music as religion in some parts of the globe. Then there are also people that take music as pleasure and business. People now use music to express themselves in public and with friends.
Music has a variety of genres, and these genres have a variety of songs. People have become what they listen to. If they like country music, they are called old fashioned people. If they like classical music, they are called band geeks. If they like rock music, they have become middle-aged people. If they like hard rock music, then they have become emos. If they like hip-hop or R&B music, then they are called cool people. If they like jazz and techno music, they are called the twenty’s.
The modern music has changed how people live, by categorizing people in groups. When you go to school, there are different groups that the kids have divided themselves into: normal, band geeks, and emos.

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In school, people have started to rank themselves with what kind of music they listen to. Schools have become rap battle grounds, where kids fight with music instead of body parts. Music also deals with drugs and crime. People listen to what the artists sing in their songs and imitate the song in their life. Music has affected kids by getting them involved in wrong situations. Teens now start using drugs at an early age and have a passion to use guns and knives.
Students have started taking music too seriously. They are going to clubs, listening to dirty music and also downloading music illegally. Students are missing classes and are focusing on music skills more than their work. Listening to music can affect studies for students and I can prove this:
Yes music greatly affects the learning of all people. Without getting too technical the predisposition of the brain for learning depends heavily on the brain wave patterns, Alpha and Beta waves. Music is believed to be a stimulant for the production of Alpha waves which are activated when the brain is in a non stressed state. Alpha wave activity in the brain permits the chemical encoding of information to occur in a context that the brain recognizes as beneficial (Does Music Affect Learning of Students).
I am not saying that listening to music is bad for students, it will be better if they can listen to music in their free time. It is better for them to listen to music that doesn’t have any lyrics and is just an smooth playing song (Does Music Affect Learning of Students).
Music brings out feeling that people have about each other. When I asked some of my friends if they like country music, they started laughing at me. They also said that they feel like country music doesn’t have the same beats and rhythms that hip-hop does. They said that it just isn’t as interesting as the other songs. Then when I asked my friends about they’re favorite artist, they named people like lil-wayne, T-pain, and Soulja Boy. After my friends I asked my boss and some older people that I know about their favorite music artist, they told me names that I haven’t even heard before. If can believe it some person also said that “If I could rock with Elvis, it would be a dream come true”. Well, that person was like fifty five years old so I couldn’t have expected better.
Music is a passion and we all love it. We use music to tell our stories, to cry, and also to have a great time. In music, words are not just words anymore; they are much higher. “Words let us say the things that we want to say and also things that we would be better off not having said. They let us know the things we need to know, and also the things we wish we didn’t “(Pinker 74). Every songs is special in its own way. We have been enjoying music in the past, we are enjoying it in the present, and we will enjoy it in the future, hopefully in a better way.
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