Music Is The Medicine For His Soul Essay

Music Is The Medicine For His Soul Essay

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“It is a normal thing for people to be worried about their image, but I force myself to almost not care because if I care too much, I won’t be who I wanna be.” This was how Mathew Meyer jumpstarted our discussion about his life as a musician in the Amelia Gayle Gorgas Library on a dreary Friday evening.
Everyone is different in their own way and everyone is gifted. We all have something that influences who we are, and for Mathew, playing music is the medicine for his soul.
Eighteen-year-old Mathew Meyer grew up in Madison, Alabama, with a supportive family. Mathew cannot recall any moment when music did not play a major part in his life but he can recall when it began. His was listening to Green Day. His sister introduced him to the rock band around age six where they became his first musical inspiration. He thought “they looked badass and [he] wanted to be like them in the future.” Mathew started playing the guitar at the age of seven and continues to do so today. The guitar sparked his interest in exploring different instruments like the upright string bass and drums. This brought Mathew closer to his goal of becoming a musician “badass.”
After playing his first song, Time of Your Life by Green Day, he felt accomplished and this urged him to make more covers and improve each time. During the process of finding himself through music, Mathew explained that Gerard Way was another major inspiration to him. “Gerard Way puts a lot of emotions into his music” and changing the way he views music. When I asked Mathew what he had learned from these musicians and how he applied it to his music, he told me that he realized “music is individualistic and every artist plays with a different style and originality.” He further explained that t...

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...and their style of music changes and become more meaningful, he grows with them and his music preferences change too. Being a musician, he constantly changes what he plays, how he plays and what he likes to listen to. “You always wanna do better because there is always room for improvement.”
Leaving the Gorgas Library, I began to reflect on our conversation and realized how ignorant I was about music, especially rock music. Before our conversation I saw heavy metal music as a wild and noisy disorder, when in fact the words are very meaningful. I also saw metal lovers as violent and angry, but Mathew did not meet this stereotype. It is interesting to see how Mathew changes character from being in a quiet student in the corner of the classroom to being a wild performer on stage. It is important to never judge a book by its cover, because you will always be surprised.

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