Music Is A Practical Education Behind Music Essay

Music Is A Practical Education Behind Music Essay

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Music is one of those subjects that is necessary in life whether it be educationally or just practically. No matter where you go in life, you cannot escape music. This is why it is important to have a practical education behind music. When you listen to music, it stimulates your mind, but when you perform music, it effects your brain in so many ways unlike anything else. Music is used to get messages across as well as just to pass time. Many Musicians have written songs about current problems that have effectively gotten people thinking about the problems going on around them, thus encouraging them to be proactive towards a solution. Music does so much subconsciously, that people don’t realize its importance.
Music education should be kept in the school curriculum because of many reasons. One way that music helps enhance student life at a young age is that it opens the mind to creativity. Being creative is very beneficial in all aspects of life in this day and age. If you are not creative, than you will find yourself stuck and unable to think of a way to get past certain problems that require elaborate plans. Music enhances creativity by opening the mind to different solutions to a problem. Jazz, in particular, forces a student to be creative when they have an improvisation solo where they are to play aloud for everyone to hear what their mind has to say. Every time that he /she improvs, the solo is different due to the mind working to fill in the blank spaces in the music. This goes to show that music continuously keeps the mind at work.
Music should stay in the school curriculum because it is necessary for everyday life. If you can truly understand what a song is trying to say, it can open up your mind. Music has so much powe...

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...t been around for years and will always be around. It is very hard to go an entire day without hearing one song. Especially for myself. I come from a family that was started in Europe. My mother lives in Donegal, Ireland and I have family that span all across the continent. It is not uncommon for you to walk down the street and hear at least twenty different songs being performed on various instruments or vocals. Ireland is a very musically persuaded culture. This traces way back into ancient ancestry. There was no specific significance besides the fact that music brought people together and was a great way of identifying problems and being able to get your mind off of things. Many ancient tribes had songs that were of importance to them, as well as modern schools. Music is just one of those things that will always be of importance whether people realize it or not.

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