Music Industry : The Sound Of Heaven Essay

Music Industry : The Sound Of Heaven Essay

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Music, notably known as the sound of heaven; the one aspect of life that can speak multiple languages by combing different tones and beats to create one unique sound wave. Constantly evolving over the years, this complexed form of melodic syndrome has opened doors for thousands of people across the globe. From musical prodigies to extremely dedicated dream chasers, the music industry has become one of the most famous career choices today. Additionally, some of these career paths include education, song writing, performance, audio technology, music therapy, and business. Informatively, the most difficult path to obtain in the music industry is performance, specifically a vocal artist.
Comparatively, in contrast to instrumentalists, the singer is the main attraction in a performance. They record and perform an album of songs they or others have written. Singers are placed in an extremely competitive field that can crash at any given time. As a result, artists continuously search for ways to be front-runners in the industry such as providing their own back up instruments on a piano or by being skilled in dance. One key factor of a singer is being able to market themselves. Justin Bieber became a hit sensation when he uploaded his local singing competition videos to YouTube. In like manner, Lorde’s chart topping R&B classic “Royals” attracted attention worldwide after being posted on Sound Cloud. Once the marketing aspect is mastered, the artist personality will begin to shine, henceforth, their image being born.
Furthermore, the earnings of a singer is unpredictable until you are deemed as a profitable act in the industry. In fact, a singer is paid per event. In settings such as nightclubs or jazz bars, a percentage of the entranc...

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...s, noticing the body language, watching closely when they run out of air, paying attention to their audience, keeping their education close, and getting as much training as possible.
Conclusively, becoming a vocalist is not the best career choice for everyone. One must know for sure that this is the route that they are willing to take. Yes, the benefits are rewarding at the end of the road, but hard work is patiently waiting at the front of the county line. I will never shy an individual away from following their dreams, but being knowledgeable is imperative. After interviewing Jamar Germain and hearing his experiences in this industry for the past five years, one can only imagine what famous artists such as Chris Brown or Beyonce had to overcome to reach the top. Obtaining the profession of a vocalist is not impossible, but be prepared for a journey like no other.

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