Music in The Modern World Essay

Music in The Modern World Essay

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A man gets a choice between downloading an album for free, with a click of a button or driving down to a music store and paying $15 for the same album, and running the risk of not finding that album at all. What will choose?
In 1999, Sean Parker, John Fanning and Shawn Fanning developed a website called ‘Napster’ which first introduced us to the most important aspect of music piracy in the modern world, called the Internet. Free music was being shared through means of Internet and technology, and I strongly believe that this was the beginning of the still growing effects of music piracy. Music piracy can be defined as the copying and distributing of copies of a piece of music for which the composer, recording artist, or copyright holding record company did not give consent. It is considered a form of copyright infringement, which makes it a crime.(Siwek) Therefore, Music piracy is considered stealing. The 20th and the 21st century witnessed many controversies about copyright, the ethics and the treatment of music piracy. These controversies led to the rise of a worldwide argument on the topic of music piracy but nobody has been able to find a concrete solution to the problem. Internet has made illegal music so easy and accessible, making Internet one of the main reasons why CDs are slowly going obsolete. I believe that it is not the free music, which is a problem, but it’s the mentality of the people. Music piracy, with the help of technology is increasing at rampant and uncontrollable rates, and will continue to do so as long as technology exists, and the only way the problem of music piracy can be tackled is by working around the problem, rather than fighting against it.
Napster quickly grew in popularity, and was used by mill...

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