Music-genre Stereotypes Essay

Music-genre Stereotypes Essay

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Can music preferences serve as a clue to a person's character? Can music applied as a vehicle for self-expression? The article "The Content and Validity of Music-genre stereotypes Among College Students" by Peter J. Rentfrow and Samuel D. Gosling said yes. In the article, 206 University of Taxes at Austin undergraduates participated in the research. In order to look into the associations individuals naturally make about the fans of different style of music, the participants were divided into groups and assigned randomly to rate on personal characters, values and alcohol and drug preferences of the prototypical of the fans of one of the fourteen selected music. The selection of music genres include classical, rock, jazz and etc., and is based on previous research. The researchers chose a new sample to check the validity. By analysing the data with statistical methods, the researchers found "there are robust and specific stereotypes associated with different music genres"(317). Based on the finding, the researchers suggested "music stereotypes could be used to form valid impression of others"(321), and "individuals engage in a reflexive process of remembering and constructing their identities while listening to music, which can serve as a form of self-affirmation as discovery"(322). I totally agreed with Rentfrow and Gosling's research. I agreed that music-genre stereotypes can give a valid impression of others, and individuals construct their identities partially based on music styles.
Generally speaking, music-genre stereotypes can give a valid impression of others.
You may distinguish pop music from classical music, and you can tell the differences between teens and gentlemen. Commonly, pop music is popular among the teens a...

... middle of paper ...

... personalities corresponding to music genres fit most of the character of me and my friend, and we can conclude that the identities are partly defined through music genres. In a word, we may define our identity, at least partially, through music genres.
To conclude, stereotyping is to generalizing common qualities, characters and etc. for a group. The favors of individuals diverse because of their culture, religion beliefs, education and experiences, so the stereotype is a good tool for expressing themselves and defining identities. Even though the stereotypes may lead others to get a valid knowledge of you, it will make things worse if you do not want others know about you, or you will be cheated if others feign another stereotype. The stereotypes may be harmful when abused.

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"The Content and Validity of Music-genre stereotypes Among College Students"

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