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The Music Genome Project Essay

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When it comes to music, people have all sorts of reasons behind listening to it.
David listens to music to get pumped up before working out. Monica listens to music to
relax herself while she does homework. Rebecca listens to music so that she can sing,
dance, and get all her frustrations of the day out. People are always listening to music as
if it were some sort of outlet. People use music to help them get through different aspects
of their lives, and since there are so many different aspects to life, it requires a variety of
music. Everyone is unique, so it is not hard to understand that people need variety; music
fulfills any individual person’s need to be able to express who he or she is.
Music shapes your personality. When you’re young, music is a huge building
block. Part of your identity is finding something you really love and can hold on
to. It’s not only that it’s a sound track, it’s an exposition of who you are. (McBride
Radio stations only play songs that pertain to the general mass, but what if there
could be stations that were made to fit someone’s persona? That is where the Music
Genome Project comes into play, aka Pandora. Tim Westergren fought day and night for
this brilliant idea, and now it is one of the most popular technologies used today among society by a landslide because of its personalization and intimate connection with its
listeners. Tim’s interesting story has inspired many other entrepreneurs to pursue their
ideas regardless of how many times it is turned down. Even though the beginning of
Pandora was not an easy trip, Tim’s persistence and positive attitude made Pandora a
success. Many people now can understand why Pandora is awesome by reading how it
works in choosing music that suits what t...

... middle of paper ... Like I say, “Where there are great men, there are great stories,” and Mr.
Westergren’s story says it all. He went from being a nobody playing keyboard musician
on the YellowWood Junction and kicking a bucket, to being a great conglomerate, and an
Internet success. His genome will forever be in the history book of music.

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