Essay on Music Final Project For African Music

Essay on Music Final Project For African Music

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African Music Final Prompt

For my final project for African music, I chose to go into the educational application aspect. I not only chose this area due to my interest in the matter, but also my belief that by trying the perspective of an individual presenting information, you learn more about the subject as a whole. I decided to apply this procedure to a few of my peers. This meant that I had to take the collegiate approach and follow the given information. The overall process was a very positive experience for both parties.

When first beginning the project, I had to contemplate on which group I would focus on. After critically going over my possibilities, I decided to focus on individuals who were around my age. This was the best choice due to the more reliable access to the group, the ability to easily convey information due to relating to the group more, and finally the opportunity to dwell into deeper and more mature underlying issues in an appropriate manner, This was a crucial decision for planning, but after deciding the future steps were easier to perform.

The first step for beginning the project was preparing myself with the knowledge need to present. This was done by reading over the material given by professor Barz and watching the film a few times over to find the aspects that I needed to pay attention to. I made sure to focus on the vocabulary and specific symbolic context found within the movie. I then began to formulate questions that an individual who may have no idea about the Rwandan genocide may have, and created direct answers for them. I spent a majority of my time on this section due to its importance. In order to successfully teach other people about an issue, you must fully understand the whole co...

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...After performing this project I definitely feel as though I have learned more about not only the inanga , but also the horrific genocide that happened. Teaching the information also helped me gain different perspectives and thoughts about what happened, allowing for me to analyze in a broader aspect. I now see the true severity of the genocide and the symbolic strength that the inanaga has. I see that the inanaga and the music that it creates works in conjunction to not only entertain its listeners, but to also inform them about the dark past of Rwanda. This is something that only a truly captivating instrument and intense context enriched lyrics may accomplish. By taking a focus into the music and convey the information to others I not only deepened my connection with the concept of the genocide, but also provided insight to others on the important, memorable event.

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