Music Elements Were Analyzed And Understood Essay

Music Elements Were Analyzed And Understood Essay

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This semester various music elements were analyzed and understood. Through the usage of various musical elements each piece was able to express the composer’s emotions and ideas. The first concert that was attended was composed of classical compositions. It was called: solo and chamber concert. The second concert or performance I attended was Pinocchio. In these concerts various instruments were used to play and express the piece. In addition, singers had their voices accompanied by the piano.
The first two pieces were very short. The first piece that was played in the concert was Zart und mit Ausdruck by Schumann Fantasiestucke. In this movement there was constant triplet-rhythm accompaniment in the piano. The rhythm supported the clarinet. The piece consisted was in A minor and moved to arpeggio. However, the piece returns to A minor, but the final harmonic shift is in A major. The second piece was called Voi, che sapete andit was composed by Mozart. The story behind this piece was about a girl being in love. The beginning of piece starts off with a piano that is playing in B flat. The piece had a happy melody. When analyzing the text of piece the music seemed to accompany the words well. The happy melody expressed the mood in the atmosphere. It was sound balanced and symmetrical because they are frequently made up of two phrases of the same length. The only non-chordal tones are chromatic passing tones. Mozart builds up his piece and returns back to B flat. Mozart creates tension in his piece with his various chords, but is able to return back to the happy melody at the end. He was able to express shades of emotion by abrupt shifts to loud from soft. The classical composition fluctuated in mood.
Another piece that was played ...

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...hift in the mood changes into a lighter mood by the various shifts between the keys. The harmony is able to express the full emotion of the human heart because of his unrequited love. The harmony helps enhance the desire he feels for his lover. He is able to let the audience experience the pain he feels he cannot be with the love of his life.
The play Pinocchio was the second performance that I went to this semester. This piece highly relied on just the piano and voice. It was a constant rhythm and melody throughout because it was meant for young children.
Overall, both these performances were able to exemplify the different musical elements. The pieces were able to depict the emotions that the composer was feelings and performers were able to convey that. Each of the musical elements enhanced the piece and allowed the audience to experience different emotions.

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