Music can Cure Stress Essay

Music can Cure Stress Essay

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In other hand, sound or music could cure one’s stress. Different people deal with different music; some people like rock metal, pop, soul music, jazz and so on. Music could let people’s mind feel calm as well relax. Listening to music can have a very relaxing effect on people’s minds and bodies, especially slow or quiet classical music. This type of music can have a beneficial effect on dealing stress. Relaxing is a way most important to settle down the emotion; when emotion calm and relax, stress will be gone away. As music can absorb our attention, it acts as a distraction at the same time it helps to explore emotions. This means it can be a great aid to meditation, helping to prevent the mind wandering. Greenberg Jerrold give example of how music make one clam, “When people are still baby in their mother’s womb, the heart beat always affect them through which it has bring calm and protective to them.” (2004, p.199). Hence, a sound, a rhythm, a beat has naturally direct send message to one’s mind that bring him calm, relax, safe just like a baby under protection of a mother.

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