Essay about Music And The Mind Of Music

Essay about Music And The Mind Of Music

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Music and The Mind

Music can affect the mind and emotions. As we go through our daily routine we listen to the radio, I pod, and even just the songs on commercials or in the show you are watching. What we don’t know is that this music is our emotional state and how our mind is working. Have you ever wondered why you listen to certain music when you are sad or mad, well this is hopefully going to you to better understand this.
When you listen to music there are parts of your brain working together that don’t usually work that way. This is different for the different levels you are in music. If you are just a person who sits and listens to music your brain is not as likely to use the two parts of the brain. The to parts of the brain are the right and left lobs most people don’t use both at the same time. If you look at an experienced musician as they write a song they are using both sides more so then scientist have seen before. In an artist who is

experienced when you look at a brain scan as they work you see they are using so many parts of their brain at the same time its crazy. A well seasoned musician is not only focused on the words as they write a song they are thinking about tempo, beat, melody. Essentially their brain is working double time but it is not straining them it is helping them become more creative as a musician.
Music can affect many parts of your day but the major thing it affects is your mood or emotional state. When we are in certain moods we listen to different songs and genres of music as was said above. Music can put you or keep you in a happy mood just by the beat of the song. If you listen to and upbeat song it sends endorphins to the brain that cause you to be happy. There is also tha...

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...t. This is
great and something that believe it or not will stay with you through your whole life. Scientists proved this by going into a alztimers area of a nursing home and they tested the memories of music. The patients couldn’t remember the person they once called the love of there life. What they could do though was sing along to the song the scientist put on from when they where young. This is how amazing and how substantial music has been in their life.
Music affects our everyday life. We go through our day and it helps our mood. The music has a huge impact on our whole life. As you get older even as you forget the things you hold dear you still have your music. It may not see all that important but no matter what you say the facts show how much it really does. Just remember next time you feel down or angry music is one of the ways to go to help with that.

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