Music And Its Influence On Children Essay example

Music And Its Influence On Children Essay example

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What are you listening to? What kind of music 's do you like? Are some of the common innocent questions that you will hear among the youth of today. But to children the response to those questions are fundamental to their life.  Music is one of the most influential classes distinguish that children determine to figure out each others personality. Through one answer you can determine their social class, in group-out group, views of life, and what is going on in their lives. Music can even be used to determine an persons cultural and ethnic back grounds.  
At first music was an innocent pass timer but soon adults realized that certain media was not an positive influence on their children. They decided to ban together and determine which music would be good for their children and not. This occurred in the 1950 's to 60 's when music was ostracized by church 's, schools, and dinning rooms. Seeing how humorous this was movie producers wrote movies where the main theme was that ragtime music and how wrong it was for youth. There are three movies that display this in modern society, they are Grease, dirty dancing, Hairspray, and Cry-baby. All these movies center around the negative impact that music had on children. Through each type of music we can see that they used the music to determine who was sociable or not.  
 Eventually researchers wanted to know more about the effects that music had on youth.  Their research helped them to discover that music was not just a form of rebellion. They discovered that music was very important to their life and it had impacts on their  biological, psychological, and social factor. The evolutionary scholars will say that music will help youth to lead a more healthier life by "increasing their fitness f...

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...ry. Imagine what an syringe does. It has medicine that it is put into your body. The media is that drug it can be hypnotizing, additive, and vital to an teen causing the media effect. The media effect theory is the effect that the media has on its viewer. One of the main problems with music influence over teens is that the video 's that they have display drugs, alcohol, and sex which is to no surprise that teens feel as if sex is cool.The sad part is that before teens reach adulthood they would have been exposed to sex in some form.(HAGED) 
 These above issues can all be summed down to one issues the trouble youth syndrome. The trouble youth syndrome states that negative traits of music result in kids acting out violently, sexually, or suicidal this is not limited to just music, the movies and video games that a teen listens to can play a huge part on their mentality.

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