Essay on Music And Its Effects On People 's Mood

Essay on Music And Its Effects On People 's Mood

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It is a hot sunny day; Busy people walking to destinations, horns blaring loudly in the busy untamed streets. Music is floating from person to person weaving around people. Some are feeling joyful, upbeat. Others are feeling aggressive and stressed out. Music is all around the world, and has a great impact on people’s mood; it assists patients in therapy, improves education, and can have many negative effects on others lives.
Some may not know, but the music is actually really helpful in the medical field. Music may help with changing the person’s mood or even physically and mentally help them. “Music therapists worked closely with the patients to individually tailor and intervention, and patients took part in singing, instrument playing, lyric discussion, and even song writing as they worked toward accepting an illness or weighed end- of-life issues.” (Novotney 2013 para. 10). Here are some different therapies that use music to assist the patient. Melodic intonation therapy, in a sense the music helps persuade parts of the patient’s brain to take over the parts of the brain that is damaged. This helps to regain the ability to speak (The Power of Music, 2011). The Bonny Method of Guided Imager and Music introduces music to the patient to heal and increase the awareness. Dalcroze Eurhythmic is used to improve the physical awareness of the patient; this helps the patient with motor difficulties (Smith, 2015). University of Alberta experimented with giving patients IV’s with music and without music. They reported that when they would give the patient who was listening to the music an IV, that it was significantly easier and quicker than giving it to a patient who wasn’t listening to music and stressing out (Novotney 2013).

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...fall asleep to (Music Affects Driver Safety 2013).
People can boost ones mood simply by listening to upbeat music. Pursuing personal happiness may be thought of as a self-centered act, research suggests that happiness relates to a higher probability of socially beneficial behavior, better physical health, higher income, and greater relationship satisfaction. Journal of consumer research found that people who are going through break-ups from having relationship problems prefer music and experiences that reflect their negative mood (Boothby, 2013).
Music contributes to many factors of everyday lives, it is really intriguing how it is able to help medically, in school, and affect behavior/moods of others. It leaves people question what music is better than other music. What songs will improve moods to make sure that people have a very uplifting, exciting, eventful day?

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