Music And Its Effect On My Interpretation Of Music Essay

Music And Its Effect On My Interpretation Of Music Essay

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Define Music
Being one of the youngest individuals within the class has drastically impacted my interpretation of music within the course of the semester due to the introduction of how the evolution of music in film came to be present day; having to be adjusted within a technologically advanced environment lacked my interpretation of how technological advancements came to be, so I had never taken the time to thoroughly think about how diegetic, non-diegetic, and meta-diegetic music was incorporated within a film and its significance. As a child, I experienced Mickey Mousing within television shows, such as Tom and Jerry and Looney Toons. This introduced me to the fragments that make up what is music, that make up the significance of film that manipulates the subject into enhanced and vibrant illustrations emphasizing the central theme and mood of the work as a whole. The simple fragments of varied musical techniques, such as melody, rhythm/meter, harmony, texture, form, expression, and timbre are one of the many that define music and is the basis of how emotion can be portrayed, foreshadowing what is to be expected throughout a composition and of the composer. To personal experiences with the impact of music in my life and the world around me, and thoughts on the central topic of classical western art music, music is defined by the fragments in which is synthesized by the exquisiteness of harmonic structures, expression of psychologically internal or external emotions, and melody connected both instrumentally or vocally.
Throughout the last eighteen weeks of discussing the history of Western Art music, I have begun to comprehend various facets of musical compositions regardless of its genre which gradually altered my experiences...

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...c has drastically changed throughout the course of music appreciation class. I was introduced to various aspects of how music has evolved throughout the course of the early 1700s to late 1900s which provided insight on the musical rules and regulations incorporated within the society to how music is now freely adjusted within modern society without the custom-based regulations most predominantly used in the early 1700s to 1800s. All individuals interpret music within their own personal perspective including I; however, it simply does not matter how one seeks to interpret music differently, rather the intended effect of music itself and how various aspects of musical elements are incorporated within it is truly what makes up the beauty in which defines music. Music speaks through the heart and the soul – it speaks what cannot be expressed simply through words.

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