The Museum Of African American History Essay

The Museum Of African American History Essay

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This research paper will discuss the exhibits of both Detroit Historical Museum (DHM)
and the Wright Museum of African American History (WM) and interpret the experience
as a first time visitor (myself but with some knowledge from the course) with no prior knowledge of Underground Railroad (UGRR).
This critical analysis will evaluate the DHM and WM programs and displays with respect to their intent as well as their ability to present facts and materials in understandable manner to a first time visitor. It will also touch a bit on topics discussed in assignment sheet -the overall effect of museum promoting the real knowledge of Underground Railroad. Recommendations to museum to improve public’s understanding of the topic and also Blights question “keeping the long view. However this research is focused more on the experience of the first time visitor with little or no prior knowledge. The following pages will analyse more on the critical issue of learning and knowledge of Underground Railroad through the historical facts and display of each museum and its effect on general public.
There are many different definitions of museum but will state one here from the most common site to access Wikipedia.

“An institution that cares for (conserves) a collection of articles and other objects of science, artistic, cultural or historical importance, and makes them available for public viewing through exhibits, that may be permanent, or temporary.” (

As a first time visitor you will probably not find most of the key words like articles, objects and collection in DHM or WH museum of historical significance in relation to Underground Railroad and to your surprise but was the reason of success of Underground Railroad.


... middle of paper ...

...bout the contributions of white people in UGRR movement is little disappointing to me but overall Detroit museum gave me the experience a new visitor would need to understand UGRR.
To my belief keeping the long view by Blight meant to keep in mind the struggle of the UGRR movement and people involved and never fall back in the shackles of racism. Learning and studying UGRR should mean keep in mind always the ethical and moral values and treat each other with equality and respect regardless of religion, race or color. The real lesson Blight wants us to understand by keeping long view is to be tolerant, open minded and ethical all thorough our lives.

Detroit Historical Museum: Placard, Doorway to Freedom
Detroit Historical Museum: Content development Brochure

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