Essay about The Murderer

Essay about The Murderer

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I stood firmly a mere two inches away from the door, examining the window. The evening sun grew weak as it dashed behind the trees, and I could almost hear the outside breeze seep through me. The house waterfall trickled, playing a calming melody, and was joined by the hum of exotic insects. Everything seemed to be in place. Everything, but my parents were not to be found.
I wasn’t too worried because the whole “disappearing into thin air, without telling me,” is typical of them. I have been left alone at least fifteen times and I am only eight years old! Anticipating, there was a wedding, I stayed calm, for about two hours. It was almost midnight, and the tall, oak grandfather clock seemed to have been alive. Its pendulum swung creating a deafening sound, making me a little frightened then I was before. My hands began to tremble, and my forehead was sweating. Every call was unanswered, and every message was unheard. I stood there shaking, curled up in a ball, praying that this would all end.
Suddenly, I heard a rattle of footsteps coming onto the porch. I could hear voices, but only whispers. Predicting the noise was my parents, with relief; I unlocked the door and quickly opened it. An unfamiliar face, stood with a gun at its side, pointing it straight at my chest. The moment seemed to have frozen. My heart was beating loudly, and the mirror on the side of the wall revealed my face, paralyzed and colorless. My pleading eyes, lacked hope, yet courage. Solemnly, I thanked God for all of my good fortune, and begged for mercy, for all of my sins. My conscious, was telling me to save myself, which is what I did. Luckily.
The murderer’s first attempt to kill me was unsuccessful. As the bullet rapidly came toward I ducked, shatterin...

... middle of paper ...

...ion gauzes wrapped around my body. My parents were in the waiting room, depressed, and regretful. Although, the manager was a crude person, I still felt guilty, for bulging into her “personal sanctuary, and causing her death. I grasped my golden locket, and asked God to grant the lady paradise, and for the murderer to suffer severe consequences.
As I gently lifted my head, in the midst of the blue sky a star appeared, then another. The sky was dark, but it was filled with reflections from sunlight shine from the other side of the horizon It refused to give up. Despite the fact that it initially seemed to have lost its battle to night, the stars shine outdid the darkness. Similarly, I knew that I should think about the extraordinary things that I have been blessed with, instead of the catastrophic events, that’ll soon enough, be only a life time packed experience.

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