Essay on The Murder Of The United States

Essay on The Murder Of The United States

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In a case that has spanned more than 20 years and drew so much media attention, there is just as much intrigue today as it then. Did he do it or did he not do it? The entire world was captivated by the case. It took over a year for a trial and a conclusion that stunned the world with the verdict (Boyes). They were many household names that came out of this trial (Pitts).
In 1995 one of the most puzzling criminal cases triumph in America. This double assassination actually occurred on June 14, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. The two fatalities were found by a neighbor who had seen an Akita that had blood on its legs and belly. When the neighbor saw the bodies, he immediately called 911. When the police arrived at Nicole Brown Simpson’s condominium, they found that she had been slashed so viciously that her neck was almost severed from her body. The other body that was found along with Nicole’s was her good acquaintance Ronald Goldman. Ronald body had been speared around thirty times. He had just stopped by to return a pair of Nicole mother’s sunglasses that she had forgotten that night at the restaurant (Linder). One of the most famous pieces of evidence was found. It was a single white bloody glove (Boyes).
Meanwhile, her ex-husband O.J. Simpson was on an American Airlines plane heading to Chicago to appear at a convention. The driver of the limousine that had taken Mr. Simpson to the airport was later questioned by the police. The driver claimed that he was supposed to report at 10:25; however, no one responded the door. The driver did tell the police that while he was waiting he did notice a man that looked like Mr. Simpson entering the house around 10:56. Half an hour later the driver says that O.J. finally showed up an...

... middle of paper ... saw a man looking like Simpson at 10:56, when he rang the doorbell at 10:25 the time he was supposed to be there and there was no answer. O.J. had sufficient amount of time to execute his wife and her friends before going in the limo to catch a ride to the airport. The fact the O.J. had a cut on his hand was because Ronald Goldman was fighting for his life trying to escape and wounding Simpson (Linder).
The case today is still ongoing to this day. The Los Angeles Police Department claims they have obtained new evidence in March of this year at the house of Mr. Simpson. The knife that was found appears to be the murder weapon, but has been verified that it is not associated with the cases. We may never know who truly killed Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman but if it actually was O.J. Simpson at least he is in jail severing a sentence for a different crime (Linder).

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