The Murder Of The Serial Killer Essay

The Murder Of The Serial Killer Essay

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Serial Killer. A seldom used term for a human who commits a murder of 3 or more other beings. This term was first given to one of the most horrific murderers ever, the Lady Killer. This man admitted to 30 homicides in 7 states. The murders at Chi Omega and the kidnap and murder of Leech could have been prevent more than once by police, but this intelligent criminal was always one step ahead of law enforcement. This man admitted to possibly killing more than 60 girls, and his name was Theodre Bundy.
Many of Bundy’s crimes involved the rape of college girls, who were being killed on a rate of about one a month. This provided police investigators the challenge of finding out who was commiting these murders, and why they were being committed. In accounts by the few survivors or witnesses of his crimes, Bundy had showed up with a sling, or on crutches. Ted would be struggling with boxes or a briefcase, and would request a female college student to assist him in carrying it to his car. While on the way to his car, these girls would disappear, being found several days or even years later, beaten and murdered. Many of them would be found in woods, or in ditches in the side of the road, easy dumping grounds. In total, Bundy was only charged with three murders. In one of his interviews before his death, he admitted to killing at least 30 women, and once said to a reporter that for every girl admitted too, there was another that would never be discovered. “Bundy had violated all of the expectations of civil society,” recalled one journal (Saltzman 111).
Bundy was only aquated with 3 murders in his many crimes. He had many incidents where he kidnapped girls, or followed them home, such is the case in the Chi Omega homicides and assaults in Ja...

... middle of paper ...

...r be a mystery, but with the use of Odontology, we can guarantee at least one murder done by Bundy.
With hundreds of unsolved murders, many of them could be put to rest with the death of Ted Bundy. He will always be regarded as one of the most gruesome murders in history. Some of these murders including the Chi Omega and Leech murders could have been prevented had Ted not been such a witty criminal.

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