The Murder Of The Police Station Essay

The Murder Of The Police Station Essay

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Although later investigation proved that there are some other men who look similar to the stretches but the police didn’t bother to do further investigation because all they needed was someone to place the blame on. Tommy Ward, known to police because of prior criminal record, was called in for questioning. He was asked where he was on Saturday night and he said that he was fishing with Karl Fontenot and later at a party till 4 A.M. Karl Fontenot was also asked to come for questioning, but he never did. Both of them were cleared because both of their hairs do not match the suspects. Then one day Jeff Miller, a young man came in the police station. He told the police that two women, who had been at a party the night Haraway disappeared, saw Tommy Ward leaving the party in a pickup truck, which he borrowed from his friend Jannette Roberts. When he came back to the party, he was crying and told his friends that he raped and killed a girl from a store and now he feels terrible about it. This information was given by two women because Jeff Miller was not at the party. These questions remain unclear of why these two women did not come forward on their own? Or why did they wait five months to speak up. Police could not locate the two women and when they interviewed Jannette Roberts about Ward borrowing her pickup, she told the police no such thing happen. Tommy Ward never borrowed her truck or came back crying and confessing to a crime. Later, however, both women denied being present at any party or telling anything to Jeff Miller. This proved that the story was not true, but the police already found some one to place the blame on.

According to the Supreme Court, “A confession is like no other evidence”. There is a consensus among many...

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...rd failed his polygraph (a lie-detector test) and the detectives were convinced that they caught the real culprit.
For the next five hours, Tommy was questioned in no longer a gentle manner. Tommy told the police that he has been having dreams about this case, but the police told him that he killed her. They fed him false information about how they have an eyewitness. They used scared tactics such as frightening him with a skull. They told him all the information they knew about the case, such as what she could be wearing. They did not know the location of the body so Ward didn’t know the location, hence, he kept getting his facts mixed up and guessing the location of the body. He told the police that he dreamt killing Denice Haraway; in reality, he didn’t do anything. Then the tape was turned on and Tommy Ward “confessed” to kidnapping, raping, and murdering Denice

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