Essay on The Murder Of Police Veteran

Essay on The Murder Of Police Veteran

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Officer Darren Wilson a six year, police veteran with no disciplinary actions against him responded to a robbery call in Ferguson, unfortunately the night would end with a young black male dead and an officer being pursued by racial injustice groups. Yes I 'm talking about the fatal shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown Jr. After this tragedy occurred the town of Ferguson went into a downward spiral that would ultimately lead to riots and many more arrests. This incident did not only affect all of the residents in Ferguson but also the multiple law enforcement officers who have been gunned down in the name of racial bias by the police. Most of the time when an officer involved shooting occurs, not many people care so long as it was a justified shooting, however under some questionable circumstances a shooting can become front page news like we saw in Ferguson. This incident would later be determined a justifiable shooting, which would lead to Officer Wilson not be convicted of any charges. Although Wilson was not convicted on any charges and found innocent the town of Ferguson disagreed and started to protest in browns name, ultimately this would lead to violent riots and many more people being arrested. This is not a single incident of the police being put in the spotlight for possible racism on the force, it is a trend that some would say has been going on since the beginning of the police department.
Through the Implicit Association Test, attest that determines your standing and feelings toward African American vs. European American, this was my result “Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for European American compared to African American.” I also had my roommate take the IAT and his results were “Your data suggest ...

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...erent. More people would be able to form their own opinions of the police if they could be given the information without anyone else’s personal input, If this were to happen then I believe it would solve a lot of Americas problems.
The police do a very important and dangerous job, but because of the media makes it even easier to paint a big red target on the backs of all law enforcement officers. The police always try having the best and brightest on the force to help cooperation between the police and the people, but if the people don’t work with the police than how can we get past all of these issues of race? As long as humans are police officers there will always be mistakes made and people should understand that when you are faced with a life threatening situation you are going to do whatever it takes to keep yourself and all the innocent people around you safe.

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