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The Murder Of Muhammad Brown Essay examples

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Have you ever heard the name Ali Muhammad Brown? For those who get their news from CNN and some other mainstream news sources, the answer would most likely be no. Ali Muhammad Brown is a 29 year old, known Jihadi extremist, was apprehended last month after a killing spree of at least four young men. Three of the murders took place in Seattle and the fourth took place in Essex County, New Jersey. Muhammad Brown was on the run for two months prior to his arrest. This story has been censored by major news outlets.
After Muhammad Brown was taken into custody, last month, he made it very clear that he was anti-American. He also made it unambiguous that his actions were a part of a larger vendetta. When asked if his murders were a vindictive act against the United States for actions in the Middle East, “Muhammad Brown stated unequivocally: “Yes.”’ Muhammad also said things such as, “My mission is vengeance. For the lives, millions of lives are lost every day.” This “vengeance” was taken out on innocent people. If he had not been stopped when he was, he would have indubitably furthered his retribution on more guiltless individuals.
It was not till after the arrest of Ali Muhammad Brown that most news sources began to pick up the story. For the people whose lives were taken, their stories received miniscule amounts of coverage until after the apprehension and are still receiving little reportage. It is hard to imagine what the victims’ families were experiencing, but if I were them I would be infuriated at the lack of press coverage. It took two months for this man to be found, and along the way he added victims to his list. All while very few media sources even acknowledged the story.
What if the story had been plastered on the front ...

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... is recognized? Yes, in the beginning of his killing streak there was ambiguity on whether Muhammad Browns actions were extremist related. As the information surfaced that they were and that his actions were indeed acts of domestic terrorism, this story still did not automatically surface.
The acts Mohammed Brown were acts of domestic terrorism. That is something every American should be informed about. It is not up to the media to decide what the American people should and should not know. If it happens on American soil or involves American citizens, it instantly becomes relevant to the American people. Who are the media outlets to have such authority? The fact is there will be media bias, but a media that does not share stories at all for the sake of whatever their reasons may be, is not okay. Censorship by the media, censorship in general should not be accepted.

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